Random Ninja

Random Ninja

Genre: Frustrating platformer in 8-bit style
Platforms: Android, Windows, Mac OSX, HTML5
Status: Released, possible future updates
Release date: 24.11.2016 / 15.12.2016 SUX DLC

Random Ninja is a simple, yet very unfair platformer. I designed it as an internal tech-demo, but project evolved and here it is… my very first finished game. Nothing special really, but still, I’m very proud of it. Work on further updates in progress.


Download full version




Just play it and leave rating or comment. Any feedback is appreciated. 🙂
You can also buy Random Ninja in “pay what you want” system on Itch.io or Game Jolt!



  • 15.12.2016 – SUX DLC update with bullet time mode!
  • 06.12.2016 – Mac OSX release
  • 27.11.2016 – Windows release with new keyboard and joypad layouts
  • 24.11.2016 – Android release with day1 patch