Qam’s Resume: The Board Game

Qam’s Resume: The Board Game

Genre: CV packed in a simple board game
Platforms: Table, floor and other compatible surfaces
Status: Released and sent
Release date: 25.01.2017

Long story short: at the end of the year I finished my last project, closed all cases and started looking for a new job. I have received some sweet offers from the investment sector and in the video production, but I was still thinking about something else. It was about time to dive into gamedev, fully pro. Unfortunately, I have no experience and no chance for a job. That’s why I decided to pitch myself in a clichéd way, and… designed a board game, which is a fancy packaging for my CV.

Resume: The Board Game – Making of

Resume is based on Shadow Warrior, Witcher, This War of Mine and Dying Light – the very best of my Polish favorites. There also should be a fifth, kickass Bulletstorm edition, but it was regretfully canceled due time and budget problems – sorry PCF. Honestly, I’m not really into board games, so I designed very simple game mechanics inspirated by… arcade racers. Your goal is to do a full lap on the board, but instead of power-ups there are Attack, Defense and Skill cards available to play. Because Resume takes place in turns, this gives some strategic  feel.

Resume: The Board Game – Release

All four editions went out into the (gamedev) world…
I wonder how this will end for me. Wish me luck!


Download DIY version

It’s difficult to share a board game on the internet, but if you wish so, you can download all prepered materials. Due to copyrights, they lack the motives drawn from games. Despite this, Resume is still perfectly playable… At least I hope so.

Feel free to use this stuff. If you need .psd files please mail me.



  • 14.02.2017 – It’s almost three weeks after big release, so I can write first summary. I received one phone call and… it’s basically all. I guess that my board game and my actual CV didn’t make much of an impression and pro game dev isn’t for me after all, at least not now. However, I have an idea to reuse Resume and transform it into a real board game or a mobile version. Long live Indie! 😀



Special thanks to my beloved wife for the help and to my bro from D-Trans “D4ZONE” for great high quality print!